• The gym will open 10 minutes before the first class of the day.
  • All parents are asked to view your child’s class from the lobby on our camera/television viewing area.
    • Instructors will gather athletes in the lobby at the time of class starting to take athletes in gym to begin class. 
  • Additional belongings such as tennis shoes, sweatshirts, & jewelry must be left outside of the gym.
  • No small children may be left unattended in the lobby. They must be seated with a parent.
  • Please put names on everything. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Water bottles are welcome in the gym, no sport drinks or soda.
  • Please remember to use the restroom before class.
  • Classes are rarely cancelled. Check our social media accounts for weather cancellations: @ccheer_tumble, & Facebook: Champion Cheer & Tumble Center
    • Weather cancellations are announced by 1pm for that day. 

2023 Fall & Winter Tumbling Class Sessions:

  • Class Options viewable on homepage! 

Multi Athlete + Multi Class DISCOUNTS:

  • Discounts applied manually, within 24 hours from time you complete enrollment. You'll receive an email when your portal is updated with discount, "Discount Applied!"
  • View Discount Rates below under, "Tuition Rates."

Tuition Rates for Tumbling Classes, Rec Gymnastics, Privates, & All Star Competitive Programs:

  • Tumbling Classes:
    • Beginner, Intermediate, Tumble 1-6: $145 for seven week, session 6. ($20 off for second child. prorated if joined mid session; email for price.)
      • It's an additional $45 if you wish to take two TUMBLING classes a week.
      • It's an additional $65 for tumble class, if you choose to take a tumble + non competition/fundamental gymnastics class. 
        • Example: Gymnastics Rate + $65 for tumble class. (you'll receive email when your discount is applied to your account, will take place within 24 hours)
      • Max Family Rate of $230 seven week session 6.
  • Gymnastic Classes: (non competition)
    • Gymnastic Fundamentals: $155 for seven week, session 6. ($20 off for second child. prorated if joined mid session; email for price.)
    • Gymnastics Non Comp: $170 for seven week, session 6. ($20 off for second child. prorated if joined mid session; email for price.)
      • Competitive athletes do not receive discounted rate for crossing from cheer to gymnastics.
  • Mom and Tot Class: $95 for seven week sessions.
  • Ninja Boys Class: $100 for seven week sessions.
  • Adult Gymnastics: $100 for seven week sessions.
  • Private Lessons: $30 a half hour & $60 an hour. (CASH ONLY) 
    • $5 off per child if private is shared with multiple children. (Maximum: 3 total children)
    • Registration Fee must be paid for September 1st, 2023 - December 31st, 2023  = $60. ($75 for families) Registration Fee will be reapplied January 1st, 2024. (family accounts, allow us 24 hours to apply discounts) *this price will be prorated each month, viewable/adjusted on jackrabbit each month*
      • Enroll for privates by selecting: '2023 Fall/Winter Private Lessons' & email us to get your day/time selected at: ccheerandtumble@gmail.com
      • Private lessons are only offered to athletes that have completed one FULL session of rec tumbling class.
      • Please note, some instructors have their own pricing. If you have any questions regarding this please email us. 
  • Competition Cheer: 
    • Email us for further details! 
  • Competitive Gymnastics:
    • Classes are set on a month by month bases, not the same billing and/or scheduling as the rec tumbling classes. Email us for further questions!

Payment Options/Discounts:

  • Payments are due at 1st class or a $25 late fee will be added.

Cash and check payments can be placed in our dropbox/mailbox located in our lobby/parent viewing area inside our facility. Credit card payments can only be completed from your parent portal. 

There is a $35 fee on all returned checks. Only cash or credit card will be accepted after a check is returned.


  • Work out clothing.
  • Only cheer shoes, socks, acrobat shoes, or barefoot are allowed. 




5505 Tiffin Ave
Castalia, Ohio 44824


Monday - Thursday 2:00-9:00pm

Friday, Saturday & Sunday times may vary.